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Sales, service & support

We supply your computer system (pieces or bulk) and its accessories, repairs and provide maintenace schedule.

CCTV & Telephony Solution

We secure and monitor properties locally or remotely with our CCTV solutions & aid communication with our intercom/VOIP

Software & Web Solution

We turn ideas into a value, money making, life impacting and record breaking either mobile, stand alone, or web application.

OfficeSetup &

We assist in office set-up for small & large scale office with a professional network design and configuration.

Experience Creativity At It's Peak

Welcome to Complanet Technologies

The Smartest Organisation For Digital Experience

Complanet Technologies is one of the best hands and delivering Computer and IT solution, Service and supports in Abeokuta, Ogun state and Nigeria at large.

To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential and to produce more tech pioneers to the world. Shape the future of the world by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners.

Our vision is to facilitate the industrialization of Nigeria through information Technology by involving of the youths in IT oriented actives, developing problem solving solutions and rendering IT support and service to individuals, organizations and government in order to promote and facilitates effictiveness, efficiency, and also to aid our customer satisfaction.

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Why Choose Us?

Stuning Website

At Complanet Technologies we have team of people that is capable of creating stuning and interactive website. We develop a website that helps you communicate with your visitors effectively, increase the popularity of your company & improve your connectivity to the world.

Digital Marketing

We strategically make your business known through our online marketing team.Complanet Technologies has the ability to help your small and medium scale business reach a global marketplace. We help your business go digital and known to thes world!

UI/UX Design

Our designs are top notch. We provide designs that it's content are appealing to the user. We develop an impressive customer/user centred design that presents your client with catchy content with correlating typography and styles, easy navigation and user friendly product as an output.

Software Services

Our Software Solutions for CBT, Inventory, Information Management and Financial Management are top notch and are available in Desktop, Web and Mobile versions. We are also the first point of contact for custom mobile, desktop and Web applications like e-commerce, school portal, personsal, organizatinonal/business websites

Network / Support Solutions

Our network and support solutions ranges wifi solutions, Access point solutions, server and network devices configuration, System Repairs and Supports for individual, small & large scale office with a professional network design and configuration.

IT Training

We have team of professionals that is capable training people who are willing to learn and steer up interest in others to learn. We have 2 training packages; Basic (Intro To Computer & Internet) and Advance (Web, CCTV, Intercom, Mobile App, Digital Marketing...) training packages.

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